Darkrai, Giratina, and Virizion are returning to Pokémon Go raids

Legends are returning to raid battles.

Image via Niantic

Some Legendary Pokémon are returning to five-star raids just in time to be captured by players utilizing Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon Go

Darkrai, Giratina (Altered Forme), and Virizion are going to be added on a new rotation schedule for five-star raids starting on April 28 and going until May 12. 

All three of these Pokémon have been made available in the past, but Niantic is giving players another shot at capturing these legends while playing from home. Shiny versions of each Pokémon will even be available for those lucky enough to encounter one during the raids. 

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Darkrai will lead off the group, entering five-star raids starting at 3pm CT on April 28, before being replaced with Giratina (Altered Forme) on May 5. Virizion will round out the rotation on May 12 before leaving raids on May 19 when a new schedule will likely be added. 

These returning Pokémon are being used as a celebration of sorts for the release of Remote Raid Passes and the ability to take part in nearby Raid Battles remotely. Up to 10 players can now participate in a raid without being present at the actual location, so even five-star raids done completely from home should be doable. 

As part of the new feature’s launch, Niantic is offering all players a special Remote Raid Pass box in the shop. This special bundle will give trainers three Remote Raid Passes for one PokéCoin along with the usual weekly bundle, which features 20 Ultra Balls and some Berries this week. 

Get ready for the new raid rotation and the return of Darkrai, Giratina (Altered Forme), and Virizion, which begins on April 28.