All increased spawns, encounters, and event raids for Pokémon Go’s Season of Celebration

The seasons change, and so do the Pokémon you can catch.

Image via Niantic

Unlike some of Niantic’s previous promotions, the Season of Celebration is going to run multiple months and be the testbed for running longer events that overlap with the usual smaller ones that run every few weeks in Pokémon Go

The Season of Celebration not only ties into the Go Beyond update that has added in a ton of new content, but it is also running during the Winter season in Northern Hemisphere and Summer season in the Southern Hemisphere. That means from Dec. 1 to March 1, players will be able to capture different Pokémon depending on which Hemisphere they live in. 

As of now, the overarching focus of the Season of Celebration is to increase specific spawn rates in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, while also promoting all of the Go Beyond update content and the various events themed on the six Pokémon regions currently represented in the game. 

It is likely that Niantic will change these spawns throughout the three months the event will be active, but here are all of the increased spawns and encounters for the Season of Celebration, with any special Eggs or Raid changes being added as they are announced. 

Spawn Increases

Northern Hemisphere Spawns

  • Alolan Sandshrew (Shiny Available)
  • Alolan Vulpix (Shiny Available)
  • Jigglypuff (Shiny Available)
  • Lapras (Shiny Available)
  • Seel (Shiny Available)
  • Snover (Shiny Available)
  • Teddiursa (Shiny Available)
  • Trubbish
  • Wigglytuff
  • Deerling (Winter Form)

Southern Hemisphere Spawns

  • Burmy (Shiny Available)
  • Drifloon (Shiny Available)
  • Electrike (Shiny Available)
  • Growlithe (Shiny Available)
  • Kricketot (Shiny Available)
  • Shuckle(Shiny Available)
  • Darumaka
  • Wingull (Shiny Available)
  • Wooper
  • Deerling (Summer Form)