All Eevee evolutions, ranked

Get to know all the "Eeveelutions" in Pokémon.

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Since the beginning, Pokémon established the evolution system for its creatures. This makes the experience of Pokémon trainers more exciting, especially in setting the goal of fighting more Pokémon to level up and eventually evolve their Pokémon who has an evolution.

But one Pokémon could stand out whenever evolution is the topic, and that is none other than Eevee.

Eevee is the only Pokémon so far with a total of eight evolutions. This basic Pokémon can evolve into eight different stage one Pokémon, all having their names end in “eon.” Eeevee’s evolutions became so iconic that fans coined the term “Eeveelution” since each of these Pokémon has a unique charm and combat prowess that cannot be underestimated.

Here’s our list of all Eevee evolutions, ranked based on appearance, charm, power, significance to the story, and overall impact on the community.

All Eevee evolutions, ranked

8) Glaceon

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Introduced in Generation Four, Glaceon is an Ice-type that focuses on offense, thanks to its Special Attack stat of 130. Its defense stat of 110 is also commendable, though Glaceon’s other stats, such as its HP (65), physical attack (60), and speed (65), could be its weakest links.

As for the design, Glaceon has a good icy look. It has some shining bits that resemble an icy, snowy aesthetic which can be found on ice-based creatures. Glaceon’s blue skin shows how an Ice-type could also look cute and adorable at the same time, though in terms of battle, it may not be your best pick from all the Eeveelutions.

7) Vaporeon

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Water-types are generally defensive, and Vaporeon’s 130 HP stat could be utilized by trainers to tank various offensive Pokémon. Though its defense stat only sits at 60, offensive-wise, Vaporeon could also excel, especially with its Special Attack stat of 110 and an overall base stat of 525.

If you look into it, Vaporeon could represent the Water-type well with its visual. Its ears and horn are perfectly designed to resemble a water creature, as well as its tail which could make it a mermaid with feet. Being one of the first Eeveelutions in history is also a mark Vaporeon has established, as well as being one of Ash Ketchum’s signature Pokémon. It provided a significant impact and paved the way for the Eeveelution trend.

6) Leafeon

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Leafeon is one of the two Eeveelutions introduced in Generation Four. It has an attack stat of 110, making it one of the most offensive Eeveelution available. But its defense is even more reliable since it lists a defensive stat of 130.

But what could hold back a trainer from using Leafeon is the fact that it is a Grass-type. Leafeon is weak against Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison types. Even with its 110 defense stat, it may not be as durable as the other Eeveelution. Still, its design may convince you to evolve your Eevee using a Grass Stone, especially with Leafeon’s leaf-like horn, ears, and tail which makes it an excellent visual representation of the Grass-type.

5) Flareon

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Its name already implies firepower, explosiveness, and strength. Flareon, the Fire-type Eeveelution, has a massive attack stat of 130. This makes it the most offensive evolution of Eevee, while also having a great special defense stat of 110. Just be reminded that its HP defense may not be that impressive since it only lists 65 on the former and 60 on the latter.

Flareon could be the most huggable Eeveelution so far, thanks to its wide yellow fur placed on its upper head, upper body, and tail. Ash also caught Flareon in the anime, allowing him to utilize moves such as Flamethrower and Fire Spin. Having a matchup with Leafeon will already put Flareon at an advantage, but be careful when it faces Vaporeon.

4) Jolteon

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Completing the first generation of Eeveelution alongside Vaporeon and Flareon, Jolteon is the Eeveelution representing the Electric type. While its HP, attack, and defense stats sit at only 60-65, it has an impressive Special Attack prowess of 110, as well as being the fastest Eeveelution so far with an excellent 130 speed stat.

In terms of looks, Jolteon truly embodies the Electric-type. Its spiky and yellow skin may somehow be compared to a thunderbolt. Jolteon can also be seen as an aggressive creature rather than a cute and charming one, proving its character as an offensive Electric-type. It only has one weakness in the form of Ground type, while being resistant to Flying, Steel, and Electric types.

3) Sylveon

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If we talk about charm, Sylveon is always in the discussion. It is Eevee’s Fairy-type evolution that focuses on Special Attack (110) and Special Defense (130), proving its ability to adapt and utilize various effects and status conditions as its weapon. Just be careful with more aggressive and physical Pokémon during battles since Sylveon only lists an attack and defense stat of 65 each.

But what makes Sylveon stand out is its looks. It always gives a smile and has been dubbed as the first Fairy-type Pokémon to be introduced. You can also be charmed with Sylveon’s ribbons placed on its head and neck, as well as the strands of white laces on its ears and neck. If you’re facing a Dragon type along the way, then Sylveon could save your day.

2) Espeon

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The last two on our list are the Eeveelutions introduced in Generation Two, with Espeon sitting at the second spot. This Psychic-type Pokémon is an expert in doing special attacks (130), as well as being a quick and agile Eeveelution (130). Though its HP and attack list a stat of 65 each and defense at 60, Espeon’s looks are quite exquisite.

Espeon is one of the most elegant Pokémon available. Why? Its simplicity in terms of looks brings out its inner beauty, especially with how impactful the red gem placed on its forehead makes it mysterious and interesting at the same time. Espeon also perfectly represents the Psychic-type, especially with its pure purple skin which is the main theme of the type.

1) Umbreon

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Sitting on top of our list is the best Eeveelution so far, in the form of Umbreon. It may not be the cutest on the list, but its vibe is something else.

Umbreon is the Dark-type Eeveelution as seen on its black skin. Its combat skills, especially its ability to tank damage thanks to Umbreon’s high defense stat of 110 and Special Defense of 130 really stand out and makes it the most durable Eeveelution so far.

But the factors that make Umbreon the best Eeveelution are its character and looks. Eeveelutions are often seen as cute, charming, and smiling since Eevee is established as an adorable Pokémon. And this is quite the opposite of Umbreon. Its red eyes provide a menacing and fierce look, while its yellow linings blend well with the mysterious aura its black skin gives. All of these make Umbreon the most unique Eeveelution so far and can be hailed as the best.