Someone created a zombies game mode in Overwatch

Reinhardt. Torbjorn. Brains.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has all kinds of fantasy elements. There are Omnic robots, a talking gorilla, a time-travelling British woman, a man with a giant powerful gauntlet, and more.

But there’s always been one thing missing from Overwatch—and that’s the relentless horde of the undead, otherwise known as zombies. Until today. Kind of.

A Reddit user by the name of “ItsDeltin” has created a bot program that basically forces you to switch to the other team when you die, to create the effect of becoming infected. This creates the zombies-like mode that they call “Infection.”

The survivors play as Torbjorn and use their turrets to create makeshift barriers to prevent the zombies from pushing towards them. The zombies are played by Reinhardt. When a Reinhardt kills a Torbjorn, the victim switches sides and becomes a zombie.

Survivors win the game when time runs out, and zombies win the game when all survivors are dead. Currently, you need to use the site set up by ItsDeltin to get an invite to the custom lobby from the bot that was created.

Creations like this just go to show some of the flexibility that the game can offer, and the ingenuity of the Overwatch community.

To try out the game mode, visit ItsDeltin’s site to queue up for an invite and see how the game mode plays. Maybe it could even become a proper Arcade mode down the line.