This small Zenyatta PTR adjustment can be huge for information gathering

A user interface adjustment for Zenyatta is a buff for the healer.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch got a PTR patch last night that added a few bug fixes, as well as a Zenyatta user interface change that many information seekers will enjoy.

Official patch notes haven’t been revealed just yet, but players immediately noticed a slight change to Zenyatta’s UI. On the bottom right corner, there are two new health bars above Zenyatta’s ability icons—one for the Discord Orb and one for the Harmony Orb.

Each of these new health bars show just how much health the target of the respective orb has.

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In the image above that means that the enemy training bot is at full health, while the allied training bot desperately needs healing. It doesn’t look like a huge change—it doesn’t directly change anything about Zenyatta—but it’s a definitely buff for Zenyatta players.

Information is everything in Overwatch, and now Zenyatta has even more of it. By throwing his Discord Orb around on enemy players, Zenyatta can now quickly and easily get a glimpse of the enemy team’s health status, which can help a lot with target selection.

A new patch just hit Overwatch’s live server this week—the Winter Wonderland patch—so it’ll likely be a while before this adjustment gets uploaded. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy Zenyatta’s new UI on the PTR.