11 August 2016 - 23:21

YouPorn's Esports Team Signs Overwatch Squad

Team YP enters the Overwatch scene with a team made up of a variety of FPS players.

The fastest growing game in esports now has yet another name in the business as pornography site YouPorn's esports wing, known as Team YP, has signed an Overwatch squad. 

The team is led by French captain Chairil “Nightwane” Djoehana, Ronny “Roon” Feuz from Switzerland, and David “Spanners” Morley from England, all of whom competed under Team YP's banner in Evolve. The UK's Ben “Meadzz” Mead and Sarmad “JagAren” Jirjes from Sweden join the OW scene from Rainbow 6: Siege, while Thor Christer Halvorsen “Toorq” Eikeland was recently discovered in Overwatch itself.

Overwatch has taken the internet by storm,” said Team YP's vice president Brad Burns. “We couldn’t be more thrilled by the addition of this game to our ever growing roster."

The group of six used to compete under the team name Yummy Pepperonis and failed to qualify for ESL's $100,000 Atlantic Showdown, losing in the first round both times they played. It will be an uphill battle for the squad to continue competing and qualify for the Overwatch Open, although they have "high hopes." 

The entrance into the Overwatch scene adds a unique twist to the marriage of Overwatch and pornography, which was highlighted by Kotaku back in May. Overwatch's characters have been the subject of many Source Filmmaker pornography projects all over the Internet since the game was in beta, much to Blizzard's dismay. It seems as though porn and Overwatch will continue to be bound together for the time being.

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