Symmetra will reportedly get her first legendary skin since launch “soon”

Could it come with Overwatch's unconfirmed birthday event?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s been a while since support hero Symmetra has received a legendary skin in Overwatch. In fact, she hasn’t seen a new one since Overwatch’s launch on May 24 last year.

But that will soon change, hinted Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan. “I think Symmetra fans will be very pleased soon,” he said on the Overwatch forum. Kaplan didn’t explicitly mention a new legendary skin, but rather implied the idea. Symmetra has received epic skins in various Overwatch events, like Vampire for Halloween Terror and Qipao during Year of the Rooster, but they’re really just detailed re-colorings of her basic outfit.

Symmetra has four legendary skins—Architech, Vishkar, Devi, and Goddess. They’re good, but fans are aching for more.

Blizzard is expected to unveil an Overwatch anniversary event in the coming weeks, though it remains unconfirmed. Datamined files uncovered on Reddit point to a bunch of new items for Overwatch’s heroes, and that includes new skins. If the datamined information is to be believed, Symmetra could get six new items with the supposed event.

Should Blizzard release a birthday event, it’ll likely go live somewhere around May 24, the date Overwatch was officially released in 2016. And if that’s when Symmetra gets a new skin, we’re hoping it’s Protoss-themed. I mean, if we’re celebrating Blizzard, there’s no better time for a crossover event.

Hanzo, too, hasn’t gotten a legendary skin since launch, while his brother, Genji, is parading around in a new outfit nearly every week. In April, Kaplan suggested that Hanzo will get three new “amazing skins.” Maybe they’ll come later in May, too.