Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2019 kicks off tomorrow

Get ready for three weeks of spooky festivities.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch fans, cancel your plans. Halloween Terror is returning tomorrow for three weeks of spooky fun.

Blizzard Entertainment dropped a short teaser for this year’s Halloween-themed event, showing off just a single cosmetic item: an emote for Zenyatta. The support hero—who normally floats around the game’s maps—stands and stretches his legs and back before quickly looking around and returning to his cross-legged position in the air.

Today’s event announcement strayed from Blizzard’s usual reveal style. Normally, the Overwatch developer reveals an event a week in advance before slowly releasing previews of upcoming cosmetics in the days leading up to the date. For this year’s Halloween Terror event, however, Blizzard is choosing to go the surprise-reveal route, springing the date on fans a day before the festivities actually go live.

Many fans expected the event to begin tomorrow to coincide with the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch. Overwatch is finally making its way to the Nintendo platform, and Blizzard has seemingly chosen to launch the event alongside the game’s release to likely avoid any secondary updates shortly following the game’s release.

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Overwatch fans will have a little less than three weeks to celebrate the spooky season before the event wraps on Nov. 4. Fans can expect the return of the Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode, but not much else has been revealed regarding cosmetics.