4 November 2017 - 16:14

South Korea eliminate the US to move forward at the Overwatch World Cup

Sweden, Canada, France, and South Korea will move on to the semifinals.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

A long day of world-class Overwatch has passed, leaving four national teams out of the tournament.

The United Kingdom, Australia, China, and the United States have been knocked out of the Overwatch World Cup in favor of Sweden, Canada, France, and South Korea. The United Kingdom vs. Sweden kicked off competitive play on Nov. 3, where Sweden swept the competition in a decisive 3-0 series.

The matches that followed proved to be a bit more competitive. Against Australia, Canada lost the first two maps on Oasis and King's Row only to reverse sweep with wins on Hanamura, Junkertown, and Nepal. China struggled against France after initially taking the first map, Nepal. It's not a surprising outcome, however. China faced visa issues coming into the Overwatch World Cup, while France has been practicing with the former Rogue roster for quite some time. Following Nepal, France captured Numbani, Hanamura, and Junkertown, though the matches were close.

The true highlight of the Overwatch World Cup's first day was South Korea vs. the United States, which was a tense back and forth series that went to an extra map, Oasis. Ultimately, it was South Korea that prevailed, taking the series 4-2.

With the first day finished, Sweden will take on Canada, followed by France vs. South Korea. Once the semifinals have concluded, there'll be a third-place match. Finals are scheduled to take place immediately after. Matches today are expected to be even better than yesterday: You won't want to miss this Overwatch action.

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