Overwatch Workshop code allows fans to see hitboxes

Try not to aim for Hanzo’s man bun.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Most Overwatch players have been hit by a shot that they swear wasn’t supposed to connect. It’s easy to blame lag or sheer luck in those occasions, but a dedicated player demonstrated it could just be your hero’s overly large hitbox.

A fan on Reddit used the workshop to generate hitbox schematics of each character. The visualization allows players to compare heroes’ sizes and notice which spots to shoot—and which ones to avoid.

Unsurprisingly, tanks have the largest hitboxes among the playable characters. Their increased health and survivability come at the cost of being much easier to shoot. The largest hitbox belongs to Winston during his Primal Rage ultimate, in which the simian scientist stands on two legs.

Hanzo’s hitbox follows his body model closely. Shooting the tip of his top knot won’t count as a shot at all. In contrast, his hitbox can be fairly inconsistent while nocking an arrow. His arm and bow can get in the way of his critical spot, negating headshots from his opponents.

Mid-range sniper Ashe has the opposite problem. She has a tall hitbox that extends further beyond her hat. This provides the character with an unfair disadvantage against Widowmakers, according to a player on the thread. “They just click and hit above my head and headshot anyways,” they said.

Most characters have some extra room for error in their hitbox, which means that players’ accuracy can be off by a few pixels and still score a hit. That gap is more accentuated in characters with smaller models, such as Tracer and mini D.Va, to offset their relatively short appearance.

Most support heroes don’t have an overly large hitbox. Zenyatta is a clear exception to that rule, though. The omnic monk’s hitbox is considerably larger than his character model. That trait, combined with low mobility, can make him a sitting duck.

The user didn’t go in-depth on how movement skills can affect hitboxes. Abilities like Genji’s double jump and Doomfist’s Rising Uppercut make the character move and could have unintended hitbox interactions.