These Overwatch sprays are designed to fit together

One Reddit user compiled the collection of matching sprays.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is generous with its Overwatch sprays, stuffing our loot boxes full of them.

And while many of us are often praying for anything besides another spray, we’d probably miss them if they were gone. A staple of both Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source, which allow players to upload their own sprays, the in-game graffiti is used for a laugh or to taunt the enemy team, sprayed wildly as a twitch of sorts. Blizzard doesn’t allow Overwatch players to upload their own custom sprays, but there certainly are a lot of fun combinations good for a chuckle.

Blizzard’s even included a few that are designed to be combined, and Reddit user Munbalanced took the time to compile all five.

Reinhardt and Zarya arm wrestling

Images via Blizzard | Compiled by Munbalanced

Despite his massive size, Reinhardt looks like he’s taking on a challenge in arm wrestling Russia’s strongest woman.

Zenyatta’s discord and harmony

Images via Blizzard | Compiled by Munbalanced

Blizzard doesn’t allow two of the same character on one team in Overwatch‘s quick play or competitive modes, so to combine this spray in-game, two Zenyatta players from opposite teams would have to make peace for a moment. But if anyone’s going to do it, it’s Zenyatta players.

The Shimada brothers

Image via Blizzard | Compiled by Munbalanced

Can Hanzo and Genji ever make peace? Especially after Hanzo killed Genji to satisfy their father’s legacy? Unlikely. Maybe that’s why this spray was such a pain to line up. Munbalanced called this one a “nightmare” to get perfect.

Holiday in Australia

Image via Blizzard | Compiled by Munbalanced

Blizzard’s Winter Wonderland event—which just ended in early January—gave us this magnificent duo of Junkrat and Roadhog. They’re hysterical on their own, but unbeatable together.

Reinhardt and Pharah ice fishing

Image via Blizzard | Compiled by Munbalanced

Another spray combination gifted to us during Blizzard’s Overwatch Winter Wonderland event, Reinhardt and Pharah ice fishing is an absolute favorite. Though it seems like Blizzard might be trolling us a bit, given the fan speculation of Reinhardt being Pharah’s dad.

The most fun thing about sprays is creating your own weird combinations in Overwatch. Like the broken arm kid with Genji’s sword, as Reddit user Jakkisle demonstrated. Given the high frequency of sprays showing up in our loot boxes, it’s no surprise that Blizzard loves the in-game graffiti. And we do, too—even though we’d rather have a whole slew of legendary skins instead.