7 December 2017 - 18:16

Blizzard commissioned Overwatch murals all over North America

Blizzard spread nine murals across nine cities in North America.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Over the past month, Blizzard has been assembling Overwatch murals across nine cities in North America.

"Join us," Blizzard wrote in a tweet on the official Overwatch account. "Last month, we assembled murals across North America, reminding everyone that heroes come in all shapes and sizes."

The tweet features a video that puts all the murals on display. We've got Reinhardt in Corvallis, Oregon, Mercy in Los Angeles, Bastion in Chicago, Tracer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Pharah in San Francisco, D.Va in Columbus, Ohio, Zarya in Toronto, Zenyatta in Manhattan, New York and Genji in Brooklyn, New York.

We got a glimpse of the Zarya mural being painted in Toronto in November after an Overwatch fan spotted the work-in-progress on the side of a restaurant. Blizzard's Zarya mural is absolutely gigantic, but the others are almost equally as huge. It's an impressive feat for a month of work—and we hope Blizzard has plans to put more up around the world.

In October, Overwatch reached the 35 million player milestone. The game continues to attract new players, but the speed at which they're acquired has slowed down a bit.

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