Genji leads in play time for Overwatch’s Quick Play, while Mercy gets the title in Competitive

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has dropped some statistics regarding hero play time.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Genji is Overwatch’s top hero when it comes to play time in Quick Play, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed on the game’s forum.

Kaplan decided to share a hero ranking list—ranking only by hero play time—on the Overwatch forum in a post, which has players discussing their perceived play time. Genji is a top pick in Quick Play matches within Aug. 2 to 9, he wrote, followed next by Doomfist. Hanzo rounds out the top three, followed by McCree and Soldier: 76.

Genji tops the list with a major play time difference—he’s got a dramatic lead, Kaplan said. And Kaplan was quick to point out that even his stat rankings can be misleading. “The stat here is ‘hero playtime’ and literally one hero could have had one more second of play time over another hero,” he wrote. “That doesn’t make someone better or worse, more OP, etc.”

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Mercy is the Competitive ladder’s outlier, like Genji in Quick Play, within the same time frame. D.Va follows, with Lucio, Genji, and Soldier: 76 filling out the top five.

“I’m not trying to make any points here,” Kaplan added. “I am just sharing the information since you’re having a discussion about what heroes you feel are in games right now. Obviously, what platform, region, skill rating, game mode, etc., you’re in has an influence on this as well.”

Here’s the full list in Quick Play hero play time from Aug. 2 to 9:

  1. Genji (Genji is pretty far out in front, Kaplan said.)
  2. Doomfist
  3. Hanzo
  4. McCree
  5. Soldier: 76
  6. Mercy
  7. Widowmaker
  8. Junkrat
  9. D.Va
  10. Pharah
  11. Tracer
  12. Ana
  13. Reaper
  14. Lucio
  15. Zenyatta
  16. Torbjorn
  17. Winston
  18. Mei
  19. Symmetra
  20. Bastion
  21. Sombra
  22. Reinhardt
  23. Zarya
  24. Roadhog
  25. Orisa

And Competitive:

  1. Mercy (She’s got a big lead, Kaplan said.)
  2. D.Va
  3. Lucio
  4. Genji
  5. Soldier: 76
  6. Winston
  7. Ana
  8. Zarya
  9. Reinhardt
  10. McCree
  11. Zenyatta
  12. Reaper
  13. Doomfist
  14. Pharah
  15. Tracer
  16. Hanzo
  17. Junkrat
  18. Mei
  19. Symmetra
  20. Widowmaker
  21. Torbjorn
  22. Roadhog
  23. Orisa
  24. Bastion
  25. Sombra

As Kaplan mentioned, hero play time isn’t exactly a great measure of a hero’s strength in Overwatch on its own. To really have a grasp at the game’s balance, we’d need more information—that he chose not to give—he added.

Before heading out of the thread, Kaplan also mentioned that Blizzard is looking into adding more detailed statistics to the Career Profile and statistics pages. A forum user suggested adding map-based statistics to the page, and Kaplan would love to. The only problem is that the team is working on limited time. “I really wish we had more time to spend on the career profile and stats pages,” Kaplan wrote. “I think we could do a lot more. I am hoping that we get some time in the future to make it better.”