Overwatch and Hearthstone get new discovery tools on Twitch

The feature goes live today.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Twitch users are now able to filter Overwatch and Hearthstone streams to find players who fit their needs exactly.

A new menu has been added to the tops of the Overwatch and Hearthstone directories that allows viewers to filter channels according to hero played on Overwatch and game mode, player rank, wins, and hero class on Hearthstone streams.

Metadata of this kind was previously introduced for League of Legends to great success.

“Since Overwatch and Hearthstone are also among our most popular competitive games whose players take to Twitch to improve their skills by watching others play, we focused on how we can improve discovery for them,” JT Gleason, director of integration success at Twitch, said in a statement. “Our new metadata filers now make it easy to find more granular aspects of gameplay that previously required a lot more searching.”

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The feature is available because of ClipMine, a learning-based video indexing platform acquired by Twitch, that is able to translate visual information, like gameplay, into frame-level metadata. That metadata is then used to analyze video to improve Twitch discovery.

“Video game streams have a very rich structure that has been difficult to exploit for the purpose of enabling content discovery,” ClipMine founder Zia Syed said. “By employing computer vision and machine learning developing at ClipMine, we have been able to recreate that structure in a reliable, scalable, and cost effective way. This enables us to match creators and viewers in a very precise manner opening up new ways of content discovery on Twitch.”

All Twitch users will be able to try out the feature today.

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