Overwatch fan creates terrifying Pachimari in ceramics class

It begs for the sweet release of death.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Many Overwatch fan artists have created beautiful, inspiring works of art that remind us why we love the game. This ceramic Pachimari is not one of those.

Reddit user 2707e10 made the unique creation in their ceramics class and shared the result on the Overwatch subreddit. The sculpture has all the usual hallmarks of a Pachimari, including a bulbous white body, beady little eyes, and tentacle-like green limbs. But it also has some… odd additions.

The Reddit user added a variety of wrinkles around this Pachimari’s pointy top and eyes and designed a very dramatic, lifelike tongue to fit inside its mouth. Thanks to the dark red mouth color, it almost seems as though the Pachimari is wearing lipstick, which adds to the whole disturbing façade.

Though responses in the comments were split between horror and creepy delight, 2707e10 seemed to be happy with the reaction. One commenter said it looked like a Pachimari that Moira had tried to bring to life through nebulous means, while another said it “yearns for death,” but, like, in a good way. Others said that it creeped them out in the middle of the night and recommended that 2707e10 post it on the Cursed Images subreddit.

This was certainly a valiant effort at creating a ceramic Pachimari and the result won’t soon be forgotten by fans.