How to watch the EU and NA Overwatch Contenders playoffs: Schedule, streaming, and more

Regional champions will be determined this weekend.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

More than 1,000 teams entered Overwatch Contenders Season Zero in North America and Europe combined, but this weekend, one from each region will be named grand champion.

Blizzard’s first-ever scouting tournament started off with four days of open qualifiers across both regions. Over two weekends, the top 16 teams in North America and Europe were decided. Long days and grueling matches marked the open qualifiers—and plenty of the teams entered the group stage battered, but ready to fight.

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Sixteen teams were then knocked down to eight in each region over another weekend of tournament play. Now, it’s time to determine a winner. Here’s when and where you can watch all of the Overwatch Contenders action.

Overwatch Contenders Europe

Quarterfinal play kicks off on July 1 at 11am ET with eUnited versus Movistar Riders.

EUnited versus Movistar is the only quarterfinals match that will be broadcast during the European Overwatch Contenders playoffs. Singularity versus Laser Kittenz, 123 versus Rest in Pyjamas, and Misfits versus Bazooka Puppiez will all happen off-stream at 11am ET.

The first semifinals match will start at 1pm ET, with the second following at 5pm ET. The Overwatch Contenders European grand final will air at 5pm ET. All aired matches will be broadcast on the Overwatch Contenders Twitch channel. The winner will be awarded their share of the $50,000 prize pool, and the top teams will move on to Overwatch Contenders’ first official season.

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Overwatch Contenders North America

Overwatch Contenders continues on July 2 with the North American playoffs. After a scheduling change, the quarterfinal matches will begin at 3pm ET. The only match to be broadcast, however, is Detroit Renegades versus FNRGFE.

Immortals versus FaZe Clan, LG Evil versus Kungarna, and Team Liquid versus EnVision will all happen off-stream. The first quarterfinal winners will move on the semifinals at 5pm ET. The second quarterfinal winners will play their semifinal matches at 7pm ET. Grand finals will air at 9pm ET.

The winner of the event will win part of the $50,000 prize pool. Head to the Overwatch Contenders Twitch channel for the broadcasted matches. Nearly a month of Overwatch has come down to this weekend’s games.