Get hype—more Overwatch lore could be revealed next week

Blizzard is teasing something that'll kick off next week.

An Overwatch mission archive will be declassified on April 12 in Australia, according to a tweet from the Australia and New Zealand Blizzard account—but regions like the United States and Europe will likely see it on April 11 because of the time zone difference.

Though the tweet leaves a lot to the imagination, we can glean a bit of information from it. The information being revealed details the King’s Row Uprising, a file that was entered into the Overwatch records seven years ago. Other files pulled up on the screen show a flier for a “mandatory robot registration,” alongside an image of what appears to be Tracer—maybe even her as a robot.

The image on the lower left hand side of the teaser looks like the defender’s spawn on King’s Row—an underground tunnel on the map. In the background on the top right is a bit obscured, but appears to be showcasing an “omnic future.”

It’s unclear what this means for Overwatch. Will we get a new event? Skins? Or is this just a lore reveal, like new animated shorts? Blizzard recently gave King’s Row a bit of a visual upgrade on Overwatch’s public test region, which adds to the speculation of a new event taking place on the map.

We’ll keep you posted when Blizzard shares more information on the potential event.