South Korean Overwatch player punches the crap out of everything using Doomfist in a pro match

Meta Athena's versatile DPS player gave Overwatch's new hero a try in a South Korean showmatch.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

He can punch. He can jump. And now he’s making his way into professional Overwatch play.

Doomfist isn’t even available outside of Overwatch’s public test region, but South Korean Overwatch team Meta Athena has already pulled out the new hero in a July 10 showmatch against new team Ardeont. Kim “Libero” Hye Sung swapped onto Doomfist for their series on Lijiang Tower—and it worked.

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that Meta Athena is already working Doomfist into their repertoire: The Overwatch team is known for their innovative style of play.

Setting up his ultimate, Libero leaps into the air for Doomfist’s Meteor Strike. His fist slams the ground, knocking out Winston and Genji, who were fighting in close quarters right outside the capture point. Rocket Punch sends Doomfist flying toward Tracer—and though she’s speedy, she stands no chance. Another Rocket Punch sends Zenyatta soaring over the edge of the map. Within seconds, Libero’s got a quick four kills using Doomfist’s diverse, mobile ability kit.

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He’s supported by the rest of Meta Athena with a composition optimized around Doomfist—and it’s not dive composition. Meta Athena’s tank players are on Zarya and Reinhardt, instead of D.Va and Winston, while their support players use Ana and Lucio. Tracer and Doomfist, of course, round out DPS. Meta Athena continued to switch up the hero roster throughout the series, however. There’s a lot to try for the new hero, after all.

The showmatch, put on by South Korean esports company ContentsBox, is an arena with little risk—Meta Athena isn’t losing big money if they lose—which is why they’re likely willing to run a off-meta composition. Their play during yesterday’s series may not represent how Doomfist will be used when he’s released to Overwatch’s live server. Meta Athena will likely continue to refine how they play with Doomfist, as Ardeont ultimately took home the glory in the end.

It’s still fun to watch Doomfist punch everything in sight, though.