Mei is the third hero to be disabled in Overwatch 2 for bug fixes

She's been removed from all modes pending a fix.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mei has been temporarily removed from Overwatch 2 to fix a bug involving her Ice Wall ability.

In a tweet published by the official Blizzard Entertainment customer service Twitter account today, the developer shared that the bug allows players to “reach unintended locations” when using Mei’s Ice Wall. The team is working on a fix and plans to add Mei back to the playable roster during the next patch, which is scheduled for Nov. 15. At time of writing, Mei is unavailable in all modes, including Quick Play and Competitive, and she can’t be viewed in the Hero Gallery.

Mei is the third hero to be temporarily removed from Overwatch 2 in this way. Earlier this month, Bastion and Torbjörn were removed from the game to fix bugs affecting both of them. Torbjörn remained playable in Quick Play, while Bastion was removed from all modes. The two were gone from Oct. 10 to 25 for a total of 15 days, though Blizzard did not announce the date of their return until after their removal.

The Nov. 15 patch that Mei is planned to return with reportedly also features a large suite of balance updates for heroes like Sombra, Zarya, and Genji, whom many players believe are too powerful in most game modes. The tweet announcing Mei’s departure noted that the team aims to bring Mei back as part of the Nov. 15 patch, so it’s possible that if the fix is more complex than expected, she may remain out of the game for longer.