28 December 2017 - 00:04

McCree and Hanzo were Overwatch's most-searched "ship" in 2017, according to Google

The cowboy and the archer.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment | Remix by Scott Duwe

The Overwatch heroes that most fans want to see as a couple are McCree and Hanzo, according to new information revealed by Google today.

Google's end-of-year info has shown that "McHanzo" is the most popular search term when it comes to Overwatch "ships" (short for relationships) in 2017, meaning that McCree and Hanzo are the two heroes that have been searched for the most in hopes of finding them depicted in various forms of love and lust.

McHanzo staved off the competition of Pharmercy (Pharah and Mercy) and Reaper76 (Reaper and Soldier: 76) for most of the year to come out on top of the list when all was said and searched.

Digging even deeper, Google Trends shows that McHanzo was especially popular in Finland, with a "search interest" rating of 100 out of a possible 100. Canada is in second place with 79. The number reached an all-time high for the year for the week of Dec. 24, and its lowest was at 48 for the week of Sept. 17.

Back in May, it was revealed that Overwatch was more popular than any movie or TV show on Tumblr in 2016. Tumblr is home to a lot of "ship" art, where artists can post a variety of images, a lot of which that are NSFW. Although the game has been out now for almost two years, its popularity is still there, and the shippers are still searching for their ideal couples.

Other popular Overwatch pairings included Widowtracer (Widowmaker and Tracer) and Roadrat (Roadhog and Junkrat). What's your favorite ship?

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