Leaked Overwatch 2 cutscene inspires excitement for PvE story mode, features Moira’s soft side

Overwatch lore fans are going to be feasting next year.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A new look at Overwatch 2’s upcoming PvE story mode content showed up on Reddit this morning by way of a purported leak, and it’s enough to get lore nerds quite excited.

Three screengrabs of pre-release footage from the game’s story were posted, including two separate scenes. The first scene shows Moira and Sigma sharing a moment, and the other features a standoff between Orisa and Doomfist, both including subtitled dialogue.

The images are watermarked, stating “Property of Blizzard Entertainment, Confidential Localization,” so they seem legitimate. Someone might lose their job over this one, or at least get a very stern talking to. The images are likely to be DMCA’d soon.

OW2’s PvE story mode was delayed from the multiplayer launch, sometime into 2023. No specific release date was given outside of next year, according to the game’s road map, which was released back in June.

The story mode was playable in alpha form at BlizzCon 2019 but has not been seen since. While a seasonal PvE mode will come with the Halloween event tomorrow, this story mode is more fleshed out and deeper than any limited-time mode the series has seen before.

While PvE won’t be seen until next year, players can experience the new free-to-play model right now on all platforms.

Update on Oct. 24, 2022 at 2:05pm CT: The images have, as expected, been removed from the Reddit post, likely due to DMCA claim.