Star Korean tank main Kaiser departs RunAway

The stellar Reinhardt player is on the move.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

An integral player forOverwatch Apex season 2 runners-up RunAway has parted ways with the team.

Sang-Hoon “Kaiser” Ryu left the squad today, he revealed on Twitter.

The announcement comes a day after RunAway’s Apex season three match against Kongdoo Uncia, where Kaiser did not play. He and the team originally cited illness as the reason for his absence. RunAway won the match 3-2.

Kaiser was an integral part of the RunAway lineup in their season two run at Apex, where they lost in a legendary grand finals to Lunatic-Hai in a series that went the full length of seven games.

A post on Reddit revealed that RunAway captain and shotcaller Dae-Hoon “Runner” Yoon explained on his stream that Kaiser was being scouted and picked up by a foreign team. Current speculation has Kaiser linked with North American team Cloud9, who are in the market for a main tank.

Kaiser’s family is undergoing financial struggles, according to Runner. RunAway doesn’t have a true sponsor, so Kaiser decided to leave the team mid-tournament to join a foreign team where he will be more financially stable, Runner said.

The bulk of Kaiser’s playing time has been on Reinhardt (76 percent), who has fallen out of his “insta-lock” pick role in the current, dive-composition-heavy meta. The remaining 24 percent of his time has been on Winston, according to Winston’s Lab.

RunAway are currently 1-1 in Apex season three, good for third place in Group B.