K-pop idol Niel signs “honorary” contract with pro Overwatch team

The idol is known to usually insta-lock Genji.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Niel, a member of the popular K-pop band Teen Top, has signed a contract with a professional Overwatch organization, he announced on Twitter today.

He’s joined O2 Blast, a team that’s competing at the second-highest level of pro play in Korea. The team is mostly made up of former Overwatch League talent and has been among the premier tier-two squads throughout the entirety of Korean Contenders this year.

In the translated version of the announcement, the org said that “in addition to being an active member of the idol group Teen Top, Niel is an Overwatch DPS player.” But the announcement clarified that he’s only joining the team in an “honorary” fashion. Niel is a Diamond-ranked DPS player, according to his YouTube channel.

At the height of their popularity, the group Teen Top released several music videos that each amassed over 20 million views, making Niel and his bandmates one of K-pop’s biggest groups in the early 2010s. The frontman was also a contestant on the reality TV show The Masked Singer.

Despite the low likelihood of seeing Niel play in any of their games, fans of the idol should still tune into the ongoing playoffs for this season of Korean Contenders, where O2 Blast are the favorites to take it all. You can watch all the action on the Contenders YouTube channel.