How to super jump with Mercy in Overwatch

You got allies beggin' you for Mercy.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch‘s Mercy is known for many things: being one of the best healers in the game, a unique resurrection skill, and her wonderful accent. That’s compensated by her squishiness and subpar mobility. But there’s a way to make her jump a modestly-sized building in a single bound.

By pressing crouch and Guardian Angel right before jumping, Mercy can gain an extreme burst in height that would otherwise be impossible.

Overwatch esports manager Blinky has released one of the most comprehensive guides on Mercy’s super jump, including extensive testing to figure out the ideal timing to hit the buttons.

The most optimal time to hit Guardian Angel is 15 to 20 milliseconds after pressing the crouch button first. There’s a small chance to fail if you press the two buttons at the exact same time since you could possibly use Guardian Angel first. In practice, quickly tapping the two skills in succession or rolling over the two keys would be the most optimal way.

Blinky recommends practicing the combo step by step before taking it to a real game. A crucial visual indicator for getting the correct timing between crouch and Guardian Angel is seeing Mercy crouch before launching forward and finishing with a little hop up.

If you have a setting on for ‘Guardian Angel prefers beam target,’ it’s possible to jump backward. Mercy will execute the same animation, except in reverse.

Guardian Angel doesn’t go on cooldown if you hold on to the key while jumping, so let go to make sure it cools down faster. While holding down the skill key will allow you to stay in the air a little longer, it’s barely noticeable and doesn’t outweigh the tremendous benefits of having Guardian Angel available seconds earlier.

It’s also possible to super jump from a high ground platform, dip slightly, and jump up onto an opposing raised platform. It’s a lot harder to execute, though, so it’ll require a ton of practice.

It’s even possible to use your Resurrection skill in the middle of the super jump. You’ll need to press jump slightly earlier and use the skill right after since Resurrection has a maximum range. Jumping too early will cause you to miss your target while jumping too late will fail to trigger the super jump entirely.

With your newfound vertical, leap your way to victory with Mercy from Hanamura to Hollywood.