How to get Ashe’s Prosperity skin during Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event

You have a week to complete her challenge.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of Overwatch’s gunslinging outlaws is getting a new skin with the game’s Lunar New Year event. But you won’t be able to get this cosmetic by opening loot boxes or using in-game credits.

The new epic quality Prosperity skin for Ashe (and her partner in crime B.O.B.) puts the character in an extremely shiny red outfit with significant gold accents throughout. Meanwhile, B.O.B.’s typical cowboy-style hat is replaced with a traditional Chinese skullcap and Ashe’s hair is dyed black, a change from her typical white hair.

If this is a skin you’re excited to get your hands on, you’ll want to start playing Overwatch as soon as possible because the only way to obtain it is by completing this week’s Lunar New Year weekly challenge.

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The challenge requires players to complete 27 games, but it doesn’t matter if you’re doing quick play, competitive, or arcade modes. So don’t be afraid to fill out your games by playing The limited-time event’s special Capture the Flag game mode. Additionally, you’ll still want to try to win games. Every win counts as two games toward your total of 27.

Along the way toward earning your Prosperity skin, players will get a Skullcap player icon after nine games and an Ashe-themed spray after 18 games.

You only have until Tuesday, Feb. 1, to rack up your 27 games before next week’s challenge begins. At that time, players’ progress will reset and they’ll begin to earn credit toward an Auspicious Soldier: 76 skin. In the final week, players will have a chance to earn Wrecking Ball’s new Porcelain skin.