Hoarding Overwatch loot boxes is totally pointless

Blizzard reminds players how loot boxes are generated.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After Blizzard’s announcement that it’ll be tweaking the loot box system, players have been hoarding boxes in preparation for the new update. The problem is—hoarding boxes won’t do you any good.

“Loot box contents are generated at the time that they [are] earned or purchased, not when they are opened,” a Blizzard representative said on the forum.

Players will see less duplicates as well as an increased amount of credits when Patch 1.13 goes live, the developer announced last week. The system has been in testing on Overwatch’s public test region since then, but Blizzard hasn’t revealed when the change will hit the live game.

Overwatch’s loot boxes cause some of the game’s biggest frustrations with players. The lack of transparency regarding drop rates—except in China, where it’s legally mandated to reveal rates—is a major point of contention with the community.

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But until the patch goes live, all loot boxes earned or purchased will see the same duplicate rates, regardless of when they’re opened. Likewise, opening your loot boxes during an Overwatch event won’t fill them with event items—unless they were earned or purchased during the event. Stocking up your earned loot boxes and waiting for an event, like waiting for the patch, does you no good.

Paired with the recent Twitch Prime golden loot box which guaranteed a Legendary item, the revamped loot box system is a way for Blizzard to redeem itself on the loot box front.

Patch 1.13 will also include an overhaul to Overwatch’s highlight feature. Players will be able to save highlights of their own choosing on PC and console, instead of having the game choose them on its own. Like with the Overwatch loot box adjustments, it’s in testing on the PTR right now.