Heroes of the Storm’s Genji is a grade-A memer

Who knew?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In Overwatch, we see the serious side of Genji—the cybernetic ninja who’s become very chill after having his body destroyed by Hanzo, his brother.

But in Heroes of the Storm, however, Genji is learning to loosen up. Before Hanzo turned on Genji, Genji was known to enjoy the “playboy lifestyle.” He was carefree and a little wild, which made him a liability to the Shimada Clan—that’s why Hanzo had to kill him. After being rescued by Overwatch’s Mercy, Genji had to come to terms with his new body. In doing so, he “discovered a higher humanity.” What we’re saying is, he comes off seriously zen in Overwatch.

Life on the Heroes battlefield is bringing out a bit of the old Genji, apparently. And that Genji was a big dork—and very into memes. Boy’s got jokes.

“I used to confront people in conversation, but these days, I tend to deflect,” Genji says.

When Genji’s not making jokes, he’s got references to memes new and old. Genji makes references to The Official Ninja Webpage, a 2002 joke website, as well as Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Metal Gear Solid.

Our favorite, however, is Genji’s Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith reference: “In hindsight, I should have listened when Hanzo said he had the high ground.”

Here’s to hoping we see this side of Genji leak into Overwatch, too.

H/T Kotaku