Cloud9 Overwatch manager steps down over alleged “contractual dispute”

Ali "Alicus" Saba is no longer with the Cloud9 Overwatch team.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Days following Cloud9’s acquisition of South Korean esports team KongDoo Panthera, the organization’s Overwatch manager, Ali Saba, has stepped down from his position.

“It is best for my career development and for the organization that I move on to explore other options and opportunities that have been presented to me,” Saba said in a statement. “In particular, an alleged contractual dispute with a few former players has surfaced now that requires my full and immediate attention to ensure that the situation is properly and justly resolved.”

The legal dispute does not involve Cloud9, however, according to a statement issued to The Score Esports.

Saba has not ruled out a return to League of Legends, but is currently pursuing options in the Overwatch League, Saba told Dot Esports.

A source close to the situation told Dot Esports Saba had multiple Overwatch League offers in June and July, ahead of the Cloud9 acquisition. Those were turned down, however, as the offers were just for Saba, and not the Laser Kittenz team.

Cloud9 officially acquired Saba and the Laser Kittenz roster in mid-August, and the former Laser Kittenz roster has been competing as Cloud9 in Overwatch Contenders since. On Sept. 21, Cloud9 announced the signing of KongDoo Panthera, and the future of the former Laser Kittenz team became a bit more unstable.

Cloud9 owner Jack Etienne said on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit that Cloud9 will support the former Laser Kittenz roster, as well as the North American Cloud9 team, as they trial for new teams.