6 June 2017 - 20:22

"Mercy" wears no pants in this blatant Overwatch clone game

Hey, wait—these heroes look familiar!
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Image via Hero Mission

Knockoff clones of popular games aren't a new thing, but folks are starting to notice some overt similarities between Chinese mobile game Hero Mission and Blizzard's Overwatch.

The Chinese-only game draws, uh, inspiration from Overwatch in a variety of ways, though its most notable in the game's character and map design. Take, for instance, Soldier 9527—if the name wasn't enough, take a look at the character design. Soldier 9527 has a little bit of mom and dad—Ana and Soldier: 76—with his heavy pulse rifle and his patched eye.

Image via Hero Mission
Image via Hero Mission
Image via Hero Mission

Hero Mission's McCree is significantly less clothed than the Overwatch hero, but still has the essentials: her "peace messenger" pistols, cowboy hat, and draped poncho. Of course, like Hero Mission's Mercy, lady McCree has no pants. Plenty of the maps shown off in a video by YouTube user Alpharad have some clear influence from Overwatch. Watchpoint: Gibraltar? Nah, this is a special Hero Mission Watchpoint, just, like, a low-fi version.

The big—and maybe, only—difference is that Hero Mission is played on mobile, while Overwatch is played on PC and console. So if you're missing Overwatch while you're on the go, maybe Hero Mission is your thing? You've just got to ignore the blatant copyright infringement.

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