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The best legendary skin for every Overwatch hero

There's nothing like the feeling of unlocking a legendary.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is home to some of the best artists and designers in the world, and they continuously lend their talents to Overwatch.

When it comes to the game's consistent seasonal events and updates, fans are always excitedly anticipating new legendary skins that will be available to unlock or purchase. Some are themed for a specific event, some are silly, and some are just plain awesome.

Each hero has their own unique legendary skins, and but some are clearly better than others—and worth your hard-owned credits. Remember, these skins are all legendary, which means they are denoted by their gold color code in-game.


Captain Amari

As former second-in-command of Overwatch at its height, Ana Amari was a key member of the organization during its most successful years. This skin shows us what she looked like during her glory days, before she became the one-eyed older woman we know today.



One of the skins to come bundled with Overwatch: Origins Edition shows Bastion as he discovered himself when he awoke from stasis after the Omnic Crisis. The award-winning animated short "The Last Bastion" illustrates this with one of the most heartfelt and memorable moments in the game's lore.


MEKA - Officer / Pilot - Cruiser

D.Va gets two picks, one of each for her and her mech. Officer's mech is awesome as it comes with a cool police design and even sirens when she boosts, but Cruiser is D.Va's best look when she's out of mech. Who doesn't love a pin-up girl?



Overwatch's Uprising event brought numerous cool legendary skins, but none were more bad-ass than Genji's Blackwatch skin. This skin illustrates how Genji looked shortly after he was saved and turned into a cyborg ninja and started working for Gabriel Reyes's (Reaper) Blackwatch division of Overwatch.



Overwatch Anniversary gave the cyborg treatment to Genji's brother Hanzo as well, and he looks as epic as ever in his own right. One of the coolest features of this skin is the design on his bow.


Dr. Junkenstein

One of the most memorable experiences in Overwatch was Junkenstein's Revenge during the Halloween Terror event last October, and this skin is a result of it. The mad scientist look just completely fits with Junkrat's overall attitude and design.



One of Lucio's legendary skins at launch is probably his best. Ribbit is something of a futuristic take on what Lucio would look like if he did his best Deadmau5 impressions. Instead of a giant mouse head, he wears a light-up frog suit. And it's awesome.



Another Blackwatch skin from Uprising envisions a younger McCree from his early days in Overwatch. As a young bandit, he was given a choice by Gabriel Reyes: go to jail or or join Blackwatch. He chose the latter, and we got this cool skin out of it.



Year of the Rooster in January 2017 was a celebration of East Asian culture, and Mei's best skin is a great illustration of this. Chang'e is the name of the Chinese goddess of the moon.



You can make an argument that Witch Mercy is one of the best skins to ever come out of Overwatch, period. Mercy was one of the stars of Junkenstein's Revenge as she played the role of the witch who would fly in and resurrect all of the bad guys to turn your PvE fun into a living hell. The bottom line, though, is that this skin just looks amazing.


Null Sector

Orisa's first post-release legendary skin is a cool variation that had a starring role in Uprising's PvE event. A number of OR-15 units were the final bosses of the mode, and the purple and black color scheme is our favorite look of hers.



Pharah has a number of really cool legendary skins, but Raptorion stands apart from the rest. She just looks like a bad-ass robot, and we like it. Enough said.



Another Halloween Terror skin on the list has Reaper looking like a scary pumpkin lord of old. His shotguns even have orange candles on them. His Eternal Rest highlight intro pairs especially well with this spooky skin.



Reinhardt's first post-launch skin came with the launch of the Eichenwalde map, and the overall design of the skin is just really well done. This suit of armor was donned by his master and mentor, Balderich von Adler, until he was killed at the Battle of Eichenwalde. His empty suit can be found at the last checkpoint of the map.



This excellent Roadhog skin was available at launch, and it's one of his best. His overall tribal look is great, but there's just something about his bare feet that makes his run animation look especially funny.

Soldier: 76

Strike Commander Morrison

The second Origins skin on the list features Jack Morrison before he became the vigilante known as Soldier: 76, looking like he did as a young man when he was commanding Overwatch at its height.



Sombra has sort of been left behind when it comes to legendary skins thus far, as she has yet to receive an event-specific legendary. Right now, Cyberspace is her best option for its color scheme.



It took a while, but Symmetra finally got a new legendary skin with the Anniversary event, and it's fittingly awesome. The fluorescent parts of it even glow in the dark.



One of Winter Wonderland event's best skins sees Torbjorn dressed up as Old Saint Nick. He has Christmas trees on his back, bells on his beard, and his turret even has antlers and a red nose.



Tracer has by far the most legendary skins in the game, as she had five of them at launch, and has had five added in events. You can't go wrong with most of the, but we think Graffiti is her best look yet.



Uprising makes another appearance on the list with Widowmaker's Talon skin, depicting her before she finished her physiology was altered to slow down her heart rate which made her skin blue. The skin is great, but it's definitely the best look for her sniper rifle too.



Turning Winston into a hulking snowbeast was a no-brainer for Winter Wonderland, and his best skin is the result. His tesla cannon looks like an advanced chainsaw and his jump jets look like giant ram skulls. Totally cool.



Zarya's Summer Games skin depicts her in the past, back when she was an Olympic champion weighlifter. She had long blonde hair and an awesome Russian weighlifting outfit, along with a cool patriotic color scheme.



There's not much to be said here. Zenyatta's Winter Wonderland skin turns him into a classic nutcracker, and his orbs are walnuts. It doesn't get much better than this.

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