20 April 2017 - 17:00

7 of the best user-created Overwatch skins

The Overwatch community generally has a deep connection to the game’s heroes, and these fan-made skins prove it
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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch community generally has a deep connection to the game’s heroes, and these fan-made skins prove it.

Since its release in May, there’s been a near-constant stream of new, theoretical skins for Overwatch. One of our favorite things about the game is how much personality Blizzard was able to inject into a team-based shooter. Unless you’re an uber nerd, you’re probably not all that interested in reading about the origins of Winston, or the friendship between Junkrat and Roadhog, but they still come alive through the power of the art direction and origin shorts. It makes us wish Blizzard would flesh out the world of Overwatch in other ways, with other games in the future.

These seven user-created skins are cool, and it’s always fun to look at great ideas, but they also show you just how deep of a connection the community has fostered with these heroes in such a short time.

Medusa Lúcio

Based on the mythological monster with slithering hair, Medusa Lúcio has skin of stone, with snake-like details crawling across his body. As described by artist Loudwindow, Lúcio's skates allow the Overwatch hero to "slither" along the battlefield.

Scuba D.Va

There’s so much fun design space within D.Va’s character design. I mean, she’s a tiny Korean StarCraft pro inside a huge mech. The image of a scuba-ready D.Va inside a giant shark is perfect thematically and artistically—not to mention the play on the words scuba diver. Personally we can’t wait for her to get some sort of Protoss skin, but this works great too.

Cupid Hanzo

Sure, Valentine's Day has come and gone, but we still want a Cupid Hanzo skin. I mean, it's perfect. Equipped with a heart-shaped arrow tip, Hanzo is ready to spread the love throughout Hanamura.

Deep Sea Diver Roadhog

We've already got an aquatic-themed D.Va skin on this list, so why not give one to Roadhog, too? With Bioshock-inspired headgear, Roadhog also carries a whaling spear and a healing pufferfish. Donned with barnacles and starfish, it looks like Roadhog's been underwater for quite some time.

Beach Soldier: 76

Soldier 76’s entire design is a sendup of the raspy space marines that dominate every other shooter on the market. His pulse rifle looks like a Fisher-Price toy, so handing him an oversized water gun makes perfect sense. Also, we're going out on a limb here, but we're pretty sure 76 has a nice butt.

Punk D.Va

Tracer and Zarya already have punk skins, so why not D.Va? With a studded, patched-up jacket and an edgy haircut, it's hard not to imagine this badass D.Va sitting in an all-black mech.

Samus Pharah

Samus Aran is the hero of Nintendo's Metroid games. An ex-Galactic Federation soldier, she wields a powerful missile launcher and wears an exo-suit not entirely unlike Pharah's. It's a natural crossover, but sadly, we're likely to never see it, given how closely Nintendo holds onto its properties.

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