Z League brings Apex Legends tournaments for players of all skill levels

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Written in partnership with Z League.

Apex Legends is a fun and fast-paced battle royale with many different modes of play. Pubs provide a casual, fighting-focused experience, while ranked forces you to take the games slower and more methodically. There are also kill races and competitive play, which tend to require a high level of skill to truly contend in. Z League brings those exciting game modes to everyone.

Z League is a tournament platform that matches you in games based on your skill level. Whether you’re a more casual player or someone who plays every day, Z League will make sure your matchmade tournaments are fair and balanced. Anyone and everyone has a chance to win their competitive brackets and game modes. 

Z League currently hosts tournaments for League of Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Halo Infinite, as well as Apex Legends. There are events every day with both free and paid entry options. And of course, there are prize rewards for coming out on top, such as Site Credits and even cold hard cash.

The next big Z League Apex Legends tournament will feature a huge $3,000 prize pool. Signing up with the link will net you a free 500 Credits to use on the Z League site. Players will also be able to play in tournaments immediately once they sign up, allowing you to get some practice in before the big day. 

The $3,000 Z League Apex Hot Drop Duos tournament begins on Sunday, July 31 at 6pm CT. Entry is free of charge. The goal is to earn as many points as possible in your games over an hour and a half. Placement and kills will be tracked, with your highest score totals determining your standing. Since you’ll be playing on your account, your own MMR will be used to match you against opponents of equal skill. 

You can sign up for Z League here and start experiencing competitive gaming formats at a skill level suited to you now.