Worlds 2016: ANX Lets out a Loud Roar

A recap of a match from day three of Worlds 2016 between Counter Logic Gaming of the NA LCS and Albus NoX Luna of the IWC Circuit.

This is your eSportsNation Daily Brief for Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The seventh match in the League of Legends World Championships for Group A just concluded. This match featured Counter Logic Gaming of the NA LCS and Albus NoX Luna of the IWC Circuit.

Here is a recap of what happened:

CLG                                              ANX

TOP: Poppy                                    Trundle

JNG: Elise                                       Nidalee

MID: Syndra                                   Jayce

ADC: Ezreal                                   Lucian

SUP: Bard                                      Tahm Kench

BANS: Brand/Shen/Vladimir         Sivir/Caitlyn/Olaf

With CLG looking to go 2-0 in the group, ANX was looking to pull off the second upset of the week, with the IWC taking a much-needed win to stake their claim.

A surprise level one invade ended up back-firing for ANX, leaving Jayce behind in experience and CLG was able to steal ANX’s red buff. The match then slowly went back to a normal pace, with both ANX mid and jungle trying to catch up.

ANX was able to take first blood in a messy team fight that ended in a one-for-one trade in CLG’s jungle at the eight minute market. CLG then proceeded to take a few more kills and take a slight gold lead.

ANX were then able to take a dragon and punish CLG’s aggressive play with some impressive team plays that stopped a Poppy teleport and helped ANX take a gold lead for the first time in the game. They were then able to secure the first tower of the game at 13 minutes.

ANX showed off some impressive macro play and respected their opponents moving into the mid-game, increasing their slight gold lead gradually.

CLG was able to slowly come back to take the lead after pouncing on mistakes made by ANX’s positioning, but due to their greed, CLG was unable to capitalise and increase their lead.

The game then rocked back and forth until a successful team fight by CLG, where they were able to gain three kills for nothing, which resulted in CLG taking an inner turret and a second mountain drake to regain their lead.

However, Baron was shockingly secured by ANX; CLG had no idea what was going on. The Baron would result in ANX getting three quick towers for CLG’s two and one kill in the first few minutes.

The game then continued at a very steady pace with both teams being cautious to not engage unless there was an absolute certainty at a win for their team. However, CLG was then able to capitalise and take the first inhibitor of the game, but greed resulted in CLG losing four of their members to ANX’s three, keeping the game going on.

CLG tried to play around Baron, but ANX jumped on CLG to take four kills back for one and secure their second Baron to take a large gold lead and take control of the game for now.

ANX was then able to win another team fight and push down the middle to take the win.

After this match, both CLG and ANX are now 1-1 in Group A. 

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