Worlds 2016: AHQ Shuts Down, Eliminates INTZ e-Sports

A struggling INTZ e-Sports and ahq e-Sports Club met in the fourth match of the night. Can INTZ avoid elimination from playoff contention, or will AHQ put themselves right back into the mix with H2K and EDG?

                                           INTZ                                              AHQ

Bans:        Twisted Fate, Tahm Kench, Malzahar        Gnar, Syndra, Nidalee

Top:                                Poppy                                              Jayce

Jungle:                          Lee Sin                                             Elise

Mid:                              Cassiopeia                                      Lissandra

ADC:                              Caitlyn                                               Jinx

Support:                         Alistar                                               Bard

The bottom lane absorbed all of the early game attention as everyone in the game, except for Chen “Ziv” Yi, made an appearance in a one-minute period of extended skirmishes. AHQ got a cheeky kill on Alistar, but INTZ four-man dove the AHQ bot lane and found two kills to take the fight advantage.

A few minutes later, another play in the bot lane resulted in a one-for-one fight, in which Gabriel “Revolta” Henud and Kang “Albis” Chia-Wei died. In the mid lane, Liu “Westdoor” Shu-Wei’s tournament struggles in lane continued, as he was at a 20 CS deficit by 10 minutes.

At 19 minutes, AHQ double-teleported onto an overextended INTZ bot lane, taking two free kills and increasing their gold lead to 2k. Both side lines opened up, as all top and bot lane outer turrets were destroyed by 22 minutes. 

At 24 minutes, AHQ grouped at Baron and Albis’s Bard helped catch out three INTZ members, picking them off and netting them an uncontested Baron. Fresh off the Baron, AHQ snowballed their lead further when they caught out two additional INTZ players, giving AHQ a colossal 10k gold lead by 26 minutes.

At this point, Chou “AN” Chun-An was massively fed on Jinx at 4/1/6, and AHQ was able to storm down mid lane, easily killing off out-of-position members of INTZ, and finishing the game promptly at 28 minutes.

Ahq e-Sports Club head into their last game of the group stage 3-2 with multiple scenarios in which they could clinch playoff berth, while INTZ e-Sports, after an impressive showing earlier in the tournament, have been eliminated from playoff contention.

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