WESG 2016 Europe and CIS Regional Finals: Day 2 Recap

WESG 2016 saw its first batch of teams go home today. Who is still alive on day two?

Day two of the World Electronic Sports Games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship European and CIS regional qualifiers just ended, and eight teams were sent packing.

The full results from today are as follows:

Ukraine 16-10 Pixel on Mirage

Kinguin 16-3 LDLC Espoir on Cache

Ukraine 16-1 LDLC Espoir on Mirage

GODSENT 8-16 Kinguin on Train

EnVyUs 16-9 dd on Dust 2

Astralis 16-4 fish123 on Dust 2

Astralis 16-3 dd on Dust 2

ALTERNATE aTTaX 16-6 fish123 on Dust 2

ALTERNATE aTTaX 10-16 dd on Dust 2

Astralis 14-16 EnVyUs on Dust 2

Norway 16-11 Bpro on Dust 2

Russia 8-16 Guerilla Method on Cobblestone

Russia 16-10 Bpro on Mirage

Virtus.pro 16-13 Guerilla Method on Mirage

Russia 16-13 Norway on Mirage

Virtus.pro 16-9 Bpro on Train

iGame.com 16-10 k1ck oldschool on Dust 2

Epsilon 16-6 EYESports on Overpass

dignitas 16-10 EYESports on Dust 2

Epsilon 16-8 k1ck oldschool on Mirage

On this day, nV, Kinguin and diginitis left their groups with perfect records, while the following teams, due to their placement in the group stage, are no longer in the competition:

Final Placement

13-16: Pixel, k1ck oldschool, ALTERNATE aTTaX, Bpro

17-20: fish123, EYESports, LDLC Espoir, Guerilla Method

Tomorrow will begin the bracket stage of the competition. The bracket, which will be single elimination and best-of-three to start, will be as follows:

BYES: Diginitis, Kinguin, Russia, nV

Astralis vs. GODSENT – winner faces Diginitis

Norway vs. iGame.com – winner faces Kinguin

Ukraine vs. dd – winner faces Russia

Epsilon vs. Virtus.Pro – winner faces nV

With the bracket set, who do you have winning the WESG Europe and CIS Regional Finals? And do you see any upsets hapening in the opening rounds?

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.