Valve Announces the Boston Major

The first of two majors for 2016-2017 season has been announced.

Today, Valve announced the next Dota 2 major, which will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, in December.

With this announcement comes several changes to the majors in Dota’s professional circuit. At The International 2016, Valve announced that they would only host two majors between TI6 and TI7. Considering the fact that last year’s fall major was in November, moving the tournament back by a month would indicate the following tournament might be in April or May. Production will be handled by PGL, the production company responsible for the Manila Major, and the event will take place at the Wang Theatre. 

The Boston major will also see a format change. Rather than using the round-robin group stage into a double elimination bracket, this major will feature a single elimination bracket using best-of-three matches until the grand final, which will feature a best-of-five match for the Eaglesong.

Qualifiers will run later this month, beginning with open qualifiers on the Oct. 23, and regional qualifiers beginning on the Oct. 27. 

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