Top five Easter-themed League of Legends skins

Gather your chocolates and your decorations for this Easter-themed delight.

Easter eggs, bunny rabbits, and everything to do with sweets and candy litter the supermarkets around this time of year, and Summoner’s Rift is no stranger to these traditions.

Riot Games has released a handful of Easter and candy-themed skins in the past few years for players to sink their teeth into. So, to celebrate Easter, let’s look at the top five Easter-themed skins.

5) Lollipoppy

Grab your large, oversized, heavy, and sometimes creepy lollipop, and swing it into the face of your foes. Lollipoppy is here to support your team towards that sweet victory.

4) Battle Bunny Riven

Not every rabbit has to be sweet and cuddly, some can be fierce and deadly. The top lane exile will strike fear into your foes in a way that perfectly suits her tastes.

3) Candy King Ivern

The green father of the jungle is taking a back seat to reign over candyland. The denizens will be sure to praise him and pray that they won’t be his next meal.

2) Cottontail Fizz

This rabbit has a friend and he’s bringing him to the mid lane for some fun antics. Fizz isn’t able to upstage the cottontail king, but gives him a “hop” for his money.

1) Cottontail Teemo

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term “Easter Egg,” Cottontail Teemo is here to leave you a few surprises in Summoner’s Rift. This is one Easter Egg hunt that you don’t want to be a part of.