Tokyo man arrested for allegedly stealing Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, climbing building with rope

The six-story invasion has people calling this "Mission Impossible: Shiny Charizard."

Image via The Pokémon Company International

Getting caught stealing trading cards is one thing, but being arrested for allegedly climbing down a rope from a rooftop to steal cards is something entirely different. 

In Tokyo, 28-year-old Kensuke Nakanishi was arrested by police “on suspicion of theft and trespassing.” Police claim Nakanishi used a rope to descend an entire building after robbing a trading card store, according to Japanese publication The Mainichi.

Investigators from the Ikebukuro Police Station reported Nakanishi broke into a trading card store on the top floor of a six-story building on March 23 and stole around 80 Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, along with cash.

Nakanishi has reportedly admitted to the allegations, telling police that he “did it to pay off a debt.”

In total, the cards he stole were worth around $9,120 and he took nearly $2,370 from one of the store’s offices. 

The police say that Nakanishi secured a rope to the roof of the building and used it to scale the down and break into the store through its outside window using tools without the use of a lifeline. He was captured on security footage near the store and brought in by the police as a suspect in the robbery. 

When asked by the police about his methods, Nakanishi told them that he was a member of the rock climbing club in high school and “wasn’t afraid of heights.”