The Pokémon Company launches Pokémon Center UK shop

TPC is expanding again with the soft launch of a new marketplace.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Pokémon Center UK is officially live in beta, meaning orders can be processed but only for a limited number of products as the company continues to develop the marketplace. 

This new expansion follows successful runs from the Pokémon Center online stores in both the United States and Japan, along with the more recent launch of a similar marketplace for Canada. It should ramp up production relatively quickly, but only offers a fraction of the items available on the fully launched platforms. 

During this soft launch period, TPC warns users that there could be some small problems as the UK’s platform is in its early stages. Players can still openly use the beta program to order many of the latest Pokémon products, including things like the Pokémon TCG Celebrations collection and festive Pokémon clothing. 

Items ordered on the Pokémon Center UK website will only ship to addresses within the UK, and there is a comprehensive FAQ section with access to contact Customer Service on the website

While TPC has slowly been expanding its offerings by launching a Pokémon Center in Canada to cover the remainder of North America, and now in the UK, there have been no announcements that a wider, European-centric Pokémon Center online marketplace will be launched anytime soon. More details about any future Pokémon Center expansions, along with updates for the UK’s platform will be shared at some point down the line.