The best KVM switches for gaming

The following KVM switches are ideal for gaming sessions.

best kvm switches gaming
Image via LevelOne

If you game on multiple devices, be it a Nintendo Switch and a PC, an Xbox and a PlayStation, or some other combination of HDMI enabled devices, KVM switches can be invaluable. KVM switches enables users to hook up their laptops, consoles, desktops, and handheld devices all into a single display at the same time.

They also allow for multiple devices to be managed through a single mouse and keyboard, making multitasking across devices a lot easier.

The following KVM switches are ideal for gaming, adding a whole new level of convenience for any gaming room.

ABLEWE USB and HDMI Switch KVM Switch

KVM switch for gaming
Image via Ablewe
This USB and HDMI enabled KVM switch supports 4k resolutions at 60Hz, which is perfect for gamers with beefy rig or the latest generation of consoles, which support 4k gaming. This switch works driver-free with Windows 7 or later, and requires HDMI 2.0 functionality between devices to be shared. The best part about this switch is that it offers these benefits at a mid range price point. Convenience and high performance don’t have to come at high costs.

IOGEAR 2-Port USB DisplayPort KVM Switch

Gaming KVM switch
Image via Iogear
Iogear’s 2-port KVM switch functions through display port connectivity and caps its performance out at 4k resolutions with a 60Hz refresh rate. Although not console friendly, as the latest consoles use HDMI 2.1 connectivity, the fact that IOGEAR has this product is mainly a plus for sole desktop or laptop users.

Given how common display ports are on PCs and laptops, this product functions on the market as a strong contender for one of the most necessary KVM switches for multi-desktop users, even if its asking price is definitely in the high end range.

Rybozen USB 3.0 KVM Switch Selector

Gaming KVM switch
Image via Rybozen
If simplicity is what you’re looking for, Rybozen’s USB 3.0 Switch Selector is a likely choice. This KVM switch operates by simply connecting two machines via included USB cables to the switch. No HDMI, display port, or VGA cables necessary. After that, all that’s left is connecting your favorite peripherals to the three additional USB ports and you’re all set.

This KVM switch operates on a one button / no driver basis. Without the need for drivers, all the user has to do is connect their gaming consoles, laptops, or desktops into the switch and play. Its that simple. The best part is that this particular KVM switch is also extremely budget friendly.

Kswllo’s KVM Switch Hub Adapter 

Gaming KVM switch
Image via Kswllo
Kswllo’s KVM switch is a great alternative to other budget switches that functions with four USB ports, which is especially handy for those who use extra gear for streaming, recording, or gaming. It also features USB connectivity from PC to PC, so users don’t have to worry about what display ports their PC uses: if it has USB ports, it will work with this product.

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