Team Gates let the enemies in: NA CS Week 3 Recap

The NA CS concluded its third week of play, getting ever closer to the playoffs. Find out which teams took a step in the right direction.

The North American Challenger Series is more than halfway through it’s spring split, but nobody has separated themselves from the pack to show that they are the team to beat. Each team is very close in points due to all of the ties. This week, some teams rose, while others fell.

(0-3-0) Gold Coin United 1-1 Tempo Storm (1-2-0)

Kevin “Zentinel” Pires pulled off a successful gank in the top lane to get first blood for his team. Gold Coin United quickly evened the kill score with a pick onto Jørgen “Hatrixx” Elgåen. With their quick recovery, Gold Coin United began to take full control of the game. They systematically shut Tempo Storm out of the game and took the victory in a smooth clean style.

Lucas “Santorin” Larsen found an easy first blood in the second game with a quick reply from Tempo Storm, much the same as the first game, but with the roles switched. Despite Tempo Storm’s kill advantage, Gold Coin United held the lead due to their macro play. GCU was playing a clean game, but a Baron take led to three kills and turrets for Tempo Storm. Tempo Storm won more fights and took a lead of their own, and with their late lead, Tempo Storm won the game, finishing the series with a tie.

(1-2-0) eUnited 2-0 Delta Fox (1-1-1)

Delta Fox made a risky move in allowing the LeBlanc to go over to eUnited and it proved to be a huge mistake. LeBlanc applied an immense amount of pressure on the map and opened up a wide lead for eUnited, who steadily took the game for a swift and decisive game one victory.

Not to be outdone by their opponents, eUnited made a risky call and let Delta Fox pick Camille. eUnited played around the Camille well in the early game and took first blood on the Camille. Delta Fox put up a strong fight to bring the game even, but eUnited held onto their lead and eventually won this long, drawn out game.

(1-2-0) Big Gods Jackals 2-0 Team Gates (0-0-3)

Isaac “Pekin Woof” Marconis got off to a perfect start on Syndra and he easily snowballed all lanes with the advantage he got. There was no chance for Team Gates after Pekin Woof started rolling and they were completely shut out. Big Gods Jackals took a commanding first game and look poised to take a second.

Big Gods Jackals made a great early play that allowed Jovani “fabbbyyy” Guillen to take Team Gates first red buff, giving him a strong lane advantage. BGJ continued to apply pressure in the early game, putting Team Gates on their back foot. Though it took them a while to close out the game, Big Gods Jackals put the finishing touches on their win, which means that Team Gates is still searching for a game win.

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Image via Riot Games