Streamlabs launches charity platform that removes most extra charges and fees

The platform is in beta.

Image via Streamlabs

Streamlabs has decided to cut out the middlemen when it comes to charitable donations. The organization is launching a new fundraising platform native to the Streamlabs platform, which will eliminate additional charges that typically take from the donations.

Using the Streamlabs tool, contributors will be able to bypass the 5 percent fee most platforms have built into their campaigns. The only additional fee will come from the PayPal processing fees, but everything else will go directly to those charities, according to Streamlabs.

Those interested in using the platform need to log into their Streamlabs account, access the new charity portal option, and then opt into any campaign they like.

Among the various organizations already working with Streamlabs on its new platform during the beta are the Arbor Day Foundation, Feeding America, World Vision, Make-A-Wish, Americares, American Red Cross, Special Olympics, Direct Relief, and American Heart Association. 

Charities will also have access to a selection of supported features that will help the teams behind those campaigns track donation progress and review both ongoing and upcoming streams that are running through Streamlabs. 

The Streamlabs beta program is currently running in beta for all streamers using the platform who want to host charity streams for any of the listed charities participating in the program. The full program will launch sometime in early 2020 with more charities set to join the roster.