Str8 Sick Returns to Allegiance Halo

After being a part of the former OpTic summer side and rolling around the Open Circuit, Str8 Sick has returned to the Pro Circuit through Allegiance

Allegiance may have just gotten a str8 shot in the arm before the fourth week of HCS Fall Season action.

A full year after his first stint on ALG, Cory “Str8 Sick” Sloss has come back to the Pro Circuit and will #PledgeAllegiance, the team announced today.


Str8 Sick spent some time on ALG in last year’s fall series, however it is interesting to note that he never played in a single tournament with Allegiance. He wound up getting picked up by Team eLevate, and eventually moved onto OpTic Gaming, who avoided relegation. There, he would leave the roster after the summer and wait in Open League limbo until ALG gave him the call.

Allegiance will gain a wealth of experience to an already talented roster, as the veteran Str8 Sick has been around the pro leagues since Halo 2 (the non-anniversary edition, that is). The team currently sits in last at 1-5 in the league, suffering from late-game losses and in need of some mid-season momentum.

The hope is that a worthy veteran is just what this team needs to get out of the cellar, but already the hype is real around Str8 Sick. And if you don’t believe me, then ALG Chad has just what you need:


Yep, ALG just became my favorite team for this.

To shamelessly nerd out with this reference, Allegiance is in need to summon Exodia before their deck runs out around the fifth game in the HCS Pro League, and Str8 Sick may just be their Pot Of Greed (which allows you to draw two power weapons and add them to your team).

Will this move be enough to take Allegiance out of the relegation zone?

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Image Source: Allegiance