Skadoodle returns to Cloud9 after health scare

Cloud9 is back in full force.

World-class AWPer Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham has returned to Cloud9 after a short hiatus related to a serious health problem.

Skadoodle was reportedly hospitalized due to a complication from a surgery performed on his gastrointestinal tract last week. “He got rushed to the ER, and he’s been in the ER for two days, and he’s bleeding internally,” his teammate Michael “shroud” Grzesiek explained on his Twitch stream shortly after Skadoodle was hospitalized.

While Skadoodle was absent, Cloud9 coach Soham “valens” Choudhury played as a stand-in for the team in their ESL Pro League Season 5 matches. Jake “Stewie2K” Yip filled the role as main AWPer in his absence.

In their first match, Cloud9 went the distance with Misfits on Cache as the game went into triple overtime. Misfits closed out the Counter-Strike marathon with a 25-22 scoreline. Days later, Cloud9 took a 16-4 beating on Mirage versus Misfits in their last ESL Pro League match without Skadoodle. The team also failed to qualify for the StarLadder i-League Season 3 Finals after losing to Renegades in the online qualifier.

Latham alleviated worries days later by thanking fans for their support and mentioning his health status.

Cloud9 now regains their full roster as they look to regain lost ground in the North American region of the ESL Pro League.