Schalke takes the series over PSG: EU CS Week 2 Recap

The EU CS completed its second week of action and featured the match-up between the two football clubs.

The second week of European Challenger Series competition was highlighted by the final series, which featured FC Schalke taking on Paris Saint-Germain for the football derby. Earlier in the day, Kinguin took on Misfits Academy and Fnatic Academy played against Millenium. Here’s how the day went.

(1-0-1) Team Kinguin 2-0 Misfits Academy (1-0-1)

Kinguin got off to a bloody start to the series, securing four kills early on while only giving away one. Kinguin took their advantage in the mid lane and invaded Misfits’ jungle to help snowball their lead with vision and more kills. Misfits began to fight their way back into the game and had the opportunity to take the Baron, but Milo “Pridestalker” Wehnes missed his smite and Sebastian “Sebekx” Smejkal stole away the Baron on Corki. Kinguin totally shut out Misfits and boxed them into their base to finally take the win for game one.

Kinguin started the second game in the same way as the first, securing three kills early on in the match to give them a strong laning phase. Misfits began to completely fall apart 15 minutes into the game and Kinguin took full advantage of this collapse to take a massive lead. Despite a minor slip-up, Kinguin took game two in commanding fashion and took their first series win of the split.

(1-0-1) Fnatic Academy 0-2 Millenium (1-0-1)

Fnatic picked a very odd champion that has not been seen a while. Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek took Urgot to the top lane to counter the Fiora, but it did not prove successful early because Millenium took first blood onto the champ. Millenium took their lead and rapidly expanded it, earning a massive lead over Fnatic. Millenium easily closed out the game before the 30-minute mark with a perfect game.

The second game was played on a macro level at the beginning, with both teams rotating to take down turrets and take advantages through objective leads. Millenium took the lead and a Baron take led to a large teamfight that went the way of the French org, with Kristoffer “P1noy” Pedersen getting a penta kill. Though not a perfect game, Millenium finished the game with a 10k gold advantage to take the series.

(2-0-0) FC Schalke 04 2-0 Paris Saint-Germain (0-0-2)

Though PSG was quickly taking the kill lead, Schalke stayed in the game by taking turrets and playing a solid macro game. PSG was starting to edge out ahead, but they faltered at Baron and lost the objective as well as four players, bringing Schalke back into the game. Schalke did not let their advantage go to waste, and were able to take game one after being behind for most of the match.

Schalke jumped out to a quick lead in game two, controlling all facets of the map and match. Schalke dominated the second match and convincingly won the series over PSG. In the meeting of two football giants, the Germans team came back to win over the French and put themselves at the top of the standings.

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