Say Hai to Zed: NA LCS Week 3, Day 2 Recap

Kicking off today’s matches was none other than the good ol’ eClasico, Team SoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming.

Kicking off today’s matches was none other than the good ol’ eClasico, Team SoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming. A rivalry almost as old as the game itself, no matter the strength of the teams, this matchup has always created a great deal of hype.

Starting at the same time as CLG vs TSM was Team Dignitas vs FlyQuest. Both DIG and FQ are coming off a loss to Echo Fox, and were hoping to bounce back with a win today.

Speaking of EF, after CLG and TSM’s game, EF played against Team Liquid. While EF are on the rise, winning both their games last week, TL look to be in a slump, losing their last four games.

Rounding out today’s games was first place Cloud9 up against last place Team EnVyUs. Finding their first series win yesterday, NV looked to defeat the LCS titans to start their win streak.

Team SoloMid 2-1 Counter Logic Gaming

Game One: Counter Logic Gaming had a great start to game one. Finding two kills in the top lane in the first five minutes of the game, CLG looked to snowball the game. But Team SoloMid fought back, finding kills across the map, including a solo kill onto Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyun by Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg. CLG took back their lead at 24 minutes after acing TSM in a mid lane teamfight. Grabbing Baron with lead, CLG ran straight towards the bot lane where they pushed all the way into TSM’s base. TSM could do almost nothing to stop CLG’s charge, losing game one in a fast 27 minutes.

Game Two: Unfazed from the first game, TSM fired back with a game two win. Winning all three lanes, TSM came into the mid game with a huge gold lead. Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell dominated teamfights, singlehandedly killing CLG’s backline with Camille’s Hookshot/Ultimatum. Similar to CLG in game one, TSM found the Baron, they went straight to the mid lane, taking out CLG’s nexus at a an even quicker 25 minute win.

Game Three: Scrappy teamfights dominated most of game three. With neither TSM or CLG coming out of the lane phase with substantial lead, both teams sought to teamfight for most of the mid game. Despite the multiple attempts at a teamfight, most of the fights resulted in one to two kills. TSM finally broke the streak of failed teamfights at 28 minutes, almost acing CLG by the Baron pit. Off this teamfight TSM took the Baron, which they used to push through CLG’s base. CLG tried to engage on TSM in their base, but to no avail. TSM aced CLG to take game three at 32 minutes.

Team Liquid 2-1 Echo Fox

Game One: Team Liquid had a disastrous early game. Due to an early death and a botched tower dive, Samson “Lourlo” Jackson was put extremely behind. TL tried to come back in the game through early scrimmages, but Echo Fox was able to counter TL’s engages and come out even further ahead. Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham went off this game, having a scoreline of 7/0/3 at 32 minutes. EF had no trouble closing out the game, ending game one in 35 minutes.

Game Two: Game two was a struggle for TL to close the game. Procuring multiple Barons and Elder Drakes, TL just could not end the game. Whether it be a poor rotation or a member being caught out, TL could not get more than a inhibitor. After 57 minutes of pushing, TL finally ended the game. EF deserves credit though for being able to make a game that should have ended at 30 minutes last almost an hour.

Game Three: Game three started in favor of EF. Finding kills across the map, EF looked to wrap up game three and the series quickly. But, a poor Baron attempt by EF cost them three of their members lives and their lead. After this play, the game erupted into teamfights, which TL won. Accruing enough of an advantage, TL broke EF’s inhibitors. EF tried to stop TL by engaging, but they were cleaned up in the process. TL promptly closed out the game, thus breaking their losing streak.

FlyQuest 2-0 Team Dignitas

Game One: Starting the series off with a bang, FlyQuest drafted an unusual comp consisting of Zed and Miss Fortune (as the AD carry). And despite the naysayers, FQ made it work. From start to finish, FQ had a complete grasp over the game. There was little Dignitas could do to counter FQ’s relentless aggression. With little opposition from DIG, FQ ended game one with ease at 31 minutes.

Game Two: DIG tried to be more proactive in game two, setting up plays around the map. But Galen “Moon” Holgate seemed to have Lee “Chaser” Sang-hyun’s mind read, predicting where DIG’s jungler would strike and countering it. This counterplay by FQ amassed them a substantial gold lead, which allowed them to dictate the pace of the game. Grabbing an uncontested Baron, FQ used a 1-4 push composition to take out and DIG’s inhibitors and nexus. FQ ended game two in 33 minutes.

Cloud9 2-0 Team EnVyUs

Game One: Game one had an explosive start, with a teamfight erupting at only three minutes. Cloud9 edged out the early trade over EnVyUs, taking three kills to NV’s one. Through better macro play, C9 found kills all over the map. By 20 minutes C9 had a 3,000 gold lead, and at 25 minutes C9 had the Baron. C9 looked invincible this game, only dying three times throughout the duration of the game. C9 cleanly ended game one at 33 minutes

Game Two: Game two was much closer than game one for NV. Finding kills themselves, this second bout was much more scrappy. C9’s main advantage came at 26 minutes, when they snuck a Baron using Ivern’s Brushmaker. NV managed to stay in the game by a magic Elder Drake steal by Noh “Ninja” Geon-woo. But even the Elder Drake buff wasn’t enough to dissuade C9 from continuing their push into NV’s base. Finding their second Baron of the game, C9 forced their way into NV’s base, taking game two in 43 minutes.

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Article by Malcolm Abbas. Follow him on Twitter @SmashhLoL.

Photos courtesy of LoL Esports