Runes and Masteries could be tweaked in the midseason patch

Riot gave some hints as to what might be changed in the midseason patch.

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Riot employees accidentally leaked some of the plans for the midseason League of Legends patch, the update full of big changes that is released halfway through the year.

On the public forums, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s lead champion designer, and other Riot employees have been answering questions about some of their current ideas and suggestions for the midseason patch.

“We do plan to do some work on the pregame (both runes and masteries),” Meddler said. “That’s a pretty long term project though, rather than a midseason thing, both due to the amount of work needed to do it right and the need for the new client to be out and used by everyone.”

One fan replied to Meddler’s answer by asking, “so the (potential) five mastery pages and rune update is more likely preseason eight?” Meddler answered this question in typical fashion, with a cryptic response. “The preseason would be the earliest, yeah,” Meddler said. “Changes like those are disruptive enough and we wouldn’t want to drop them towards the end of a ranked season/just before Worlds. The midseason is basically the last window of the year we target major changes for (though occasionally stuff will need to be done after that; it’s not something we plan for).”

Thus, Meddler confirmed that his team plans to work on mastery and rune changes in the midseason patch. We might also start to see glimpses of the previously announced tank changes around that time as well, in a similar way to last year’s midseason update.

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