Riot Teasing New Vi Skin or Concept?

Meddler is at it again, this time, by posting an image of Vi that has everyone asking questions.

Image via HaloWaypoint

In their recent “State of the Game” journal posted monthly on Riot’s personal pages, Meddler included quite an interesting picture, which seems to show the concept of either a new future Vi skin or a former concept of the character.

To be perfectly honest, no one knows what it might be or why Meddler chose to add it, but it is worth looking at for the time being.

The design seems to have a mechanic theme with gears and cogs, and could potentially be based on a Piltover theme at heart.

Vi almost appears to be a cyborg, with the machine-like parts infused into her body, and has small properties that could be interesting on a design level. We will have to keep you updated if any more information is released on this developing situation. 

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Photo credits: Riot Games