Riot reconfirms that Galio’s update will come before the next new champion

It's official; Galio will be getting updated prior to the release of another new champion.

Image via Bluehole Studio

Following the release of Warwick’s rework, Riot reiterated that its current focus before anything else is the update to Galio, which has been under consideration for awhile now.

On the public League of Legends message board, Riot’s lead champion designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, confirmed that, “there will be a significantly bigger gap between Camille and the next new champ than normal. Another VGU (Galio) will indeed be in the middle there; that doesn’t mean Galio’s going to follow immediately on from Warwick though (Galio’s soonish, but not really soon).”

This news is a constant reminder of Riot’s ambition to update older champions in order to make them more relevant in the current game. Champions like Poppy and Warwick have benefited greatly from their updates, with Poppy becoming a staple pick ever since her update several months ago.

Galio has seen very minimal competitive play as of late, other than when SKT’s Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok drafted the champion in the 2016 KeSPA Cup. Thus, an update to Galio could greatly increase his usage across the globe. 

The post from Meddler also confirms that a new champion is in the works, but could be a few months away from release, which means that Camille might remain the newest champion for some time. No specific timeline was mentioned for when we will see the new champion or Galio’s update.

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