Riot Actively Looking at Support Changes

A host of changes to the support role were mentioned in the recent "State of the Game" journal.

Photo via Khemist49

Riot Meddler has come out in this month’s “State of the Game” journal to look at how they could potentially change the game to help supports. A host of changes to the support role were mentioned here. Some of the major points are listed below:

  • “We’ll be adjusting how XP is earned, with one goal being preventing champions who are doing useful things (warding, roaming, objectives help, etc.) from falling so far behind the average level in the game.”
  • “Next, we’re focusing on fixing some small, irritating situations that affect support play regularly (e.g. not getting full gold for wards killed that you reveal unless you get the final hit).”
  • “Long-term, we’ll most likely be looking at support recognition/ceremony and income next.”

The news should be a welcome sight to support mains out there, as it seems these proposed changes could reward good support play in the future. We will be sure to keep you updated if more information on these potential changes is released.

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Photo credits: Riot Games